IDP International Design Publication

IDP is conceived and developed by professionals in the domain of creation. By its content and its unique visual aspect, our magazine offers a high-quality medium and an outstanding way of reaching the market and the professions in the area of visual creation.

IDP has been created for professionals in the domain of the graphic industries, creation and communication in Switzerland and abroad, communication agencies, freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, designers, photographers, suppliers, printing offices, paper makers, computing, executives, decision-makers and agents. The target public of the magazine also includes consumers who cultivate a certain art of living, dynamic, creative, sensitive people, appreciating quality and having a critical and passionate vision and fascinated by the areas of communication and media.

Advertising and articles in specialized magazines, mailings, Internet, specialized blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, press releases, radio, sponsoring, strong collaboration with graphic design Art schools, good presence in events in the domaine.

To companies and employees in the branches of graphic design, design, communication and media, professional schools, specialized teachers and subsidiaries of formation for the various domains, as well as to the executives, the partner organizations, to the agents in the domains of the marketing and communication. Available with a subscription and through our online shop and specialized bookshops in Switzerland and abroad. Presence in professional exhibitions and events.

Technical data
Number of copies: 4500
Selling price: CHF 32.– (one double issue)
Number of pages: 216 pages
Size: 173 x 235 mm

Media and pricing data
The media and princing data is available on enquiry by e-mail in

Issues Parution Dates Materials Deadline
IDP4041 New double issue formula (216 pages) 27.09.2018 14.09.2018
IDP4243 07.03.2019 21.02.2019
Special edition 2019 (240 pages) June 2019 ----
IDP4445 26.09.2019 03.09.2019
The parution dates may vary as a function of advertisers.

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